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Welcome to the West Kootenay @ BC Virtual Tour

  The West Kootenay, British Columbia is a memorable destination famous for it's valleys, forests, peaceful lakes, skiing and outdoor recreation. Charming towns and cities nestled in the mountains resemble the alpine geography of european alps. The West Kootenay area, and the East Kootenay together make up BC's Kootenay-Rockies Region. more...

  West Kootenay Cities include historical Revelstoke BC and Nelson BC which is famed for music festivals, arts and culture. There are many amazing attractions in the Kootenay-Rockies and hotsprings are yet another feature which brings people outdoors to enjoy the natural surroundings. Skiing and snowmobiling in BC Canada are a big part of the winter fun.

  Natural Hotsprings at Nakusp and Radium - to mention just a few - bring visitors from Asia and Europe to partake in the Canadian experience.

  The Arrow Lakes are a lengthy network of waterways gracing a large portion of the West Kootenay. From Revelstoke in the North, to Nelson, Nakusp and Fauquier, the Arrow Lakes and the BC Ferries connect visitors across this beautiful part of British Columbia Canada.

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